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Yellow Gold Taking the Spotlight in Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Taking the Spotlight in Engagement Rings

Yellow gold is shining brightly among engagement rings with buyers of all types. The brilliant, classic coloring is attracting more and more customers lately because of the shine, classic look and elegance of yellow gold for engagement ring bands.

Yellow gold is used by ring makers as a precious metal to craft a ring band out of. Yellow gold itself is an alloy of gold, silver and copper and is usually 14 karat gold. The other metals included in yellow gold simply add to its durability and shine.

Everyone knows that gold has been a prized material for a very long time, but yellow gold for engagement rings is also extremely old. Even during the time of the Roman empire, people were gifting each other gold engagement rings. In fact, yellow gold was the default choice of metal for use in all engagement rings until the 20th century. It is only very recently that it had serious competition from things like rose gold and white gold.

Still, yellow gold has endured due to its beautiful appearance and durability. Plus, many people still want that super classic engagement ring look when they’re shopping for a ring. It is impossible to go wrong when choosing yellow gold and that has helped it remain popular through the ages. Ring seller Hayden Cudworth has seen a lot of interest in its extensive stock of yellow gold engagement rings and this interest has been persistent over time. The ring seller carries a range of styles and settings that involve yellow gold in order to accommodate the high demand for this style of engagement ring.

Among the settings and styles possible with yellow gold are four- and six-pronged solitaire settings. Solitaire settings are rings with one diamond set in them. This makes the diamond even more the spotlight of the ring. Yellow gold compliments a solitaire setting exquisitely because the coloring of the gold can actually get reflected by the diamond set in the ring to make it look even more stunning and brilliant.

With more and more people opting for yellow gold, now is definitely the time to find a premier ring seller like Hayden Cudworth, who can offer a wide selection of yellow gold rings with all types and settings of diamonds. Customize a yellow gold ring any time to get a classic look that will never truly go out of style. Contact or visit Hayden Cudworth for more information about yellow gold or any other type of engagement ring.

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