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Call DVLA Now Offers Centralized Services

Call DVLA Now Offers Centralized Services

Altrincham, UK – Call DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency of the United Kingdom has provided a number that citizens can call if they need assistance and information from the said agency. This centralized system directly connects the caller to the department or personnel that is responsible for his concern or complaint. This new telephone number allows quick communication between the agency and its clients.

“DVLA Swansea SA99 1AR If you are writing in relation to driving license enquiries you will need to send any correspondence to DVLA Swansea SA99 1BU However, it is typically faster and preferable to speak directly to one of the DVLA’s knowledgeable advisors – after all everyone’s situation is unique Thankfully, one telephone call the DVLA via 0843 507 7923 will connect you with a member of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s customer services team”, declares the agency on its homepage.

In the past, people referred to the DVLA as the DVLC or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Center. It was composed of several local departments that are composed of several departments that are interconnected. However, the company underwent reorganization and it led to the creation of the main office and a centralized form of service.

With the new set up, the clients of the agency can call the telephone number 0843 507 7923 and get connected to a team member instantly. The hassle of passing through the operator and having to wait for the call to be transferred was resolved. Callers are charged but the cost is minimal. Aside from this phone number, drivers and vehicle owners now have an easier DVLA contact method for complaints or can ask their questions at the DVLA website.

Call DVLA is responsible for answering general inquiries, registration and tax of vehicles, medical queries of drivers, driving tests and driving instructors, testing of vehicles or MOTS, licensing of transport operators, and driving of buses, Lorries, and coaches.

Clients can ask for information regarding the requirements to apply for a temporary driver’s license. They can also ask the agency to make some necessary changes to the information in the license. A married woman can ask for a change in the name of a woman that got married or a change of address when a driver transferred to another place.

For inquiries, contact Call DVLA at 0843 507 7923 or send an email to [email protected] Call DVLA is located at Ambassador Place, Stockport Road, Altrincham, WA15 8DB. Visit their website at http://calldvla.co.uk/.

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Company Name: Call DVLA
Contact Person: Andrew Nelson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0843 507 7923
Address:Ambassador Place, Stockport Road
City: Altrincham
Country: United Kingdom
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