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Killer Social Media Ideas to Hammer Reputation Marketing

Killer Social Media Ideas to Hammer Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing and reputation management is not only about responding to online negativity about your brand.

Reputation marketing should also entail finding ways to build a more robust online reputation  so that customers will gain an accurate and thorough concept of your brand when searching online.

The following thoughts and ideas can help brands remain steps ahead of their competition.

1. Never underestimate the power and positive effects of humor. With all the negativity in the world, people readily welcome humor done in good taste. Never offend anyone, and always keep humor relevant to your brand and topic. People are always willing to share good, engaging, and helpful information.

2. Never forget to spell-check your content and check your work for facts. Make sure any claims are valid and backed with proof, and look up definitions. While people can be quite forgiving of their own faults, they may not be as forgiving with your company’s mistakes. Being correct is part of your brand.

3. Sound social media monitoring will give any company an eagle’s view of where their customers hang out in social media land. People will comment about your brand 24/7. Never forget that the holy grail of social media is engagement. If you fail to respond to a complaint or comment, they will share their disappointments with others.

4. One of the most irritating things that customers can experience is a failed customer service app. These apps can connect you with your social media accounts—where people engage and discuss your brand every day. Fail to monitor your apps, and you will fail to monitor your reputation. Then, reputation repair becomes imminent.

5. Duplicate pages and social media content can also damage your reputation. Part of managing your online reputation is making sure that customers can find you. Duplication confuses search engines, and they may wrongly choose the version that best fits the query. Make time to search your social media platforms, and look for mentions of your company. It may also be prudent to stipulate that it is forbidden for company employees to create their own sites using your company’s business name. Make sure there is someone skilled in social media on staff.

6. Respond as positively to any negative reviews as you do positive reviews. Someone leaving a negative review still took the time out of their day to respond. Showing appreciation on your behalf is just good business.

It is far easier to nurture a good reputation than it is to repair a bad reputation. Social media is your tool to connect. How you choose to leverage it can mean the difference between success or failure. Remember, your audience never stops talking about your brand. Social media is their platform of engagement.

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